St. Barth - 2000

We flew from Los Angeles to San Juan to St. Maarten/Martin (Dutch/French) to St. Barthelemy (aka St. Barth). The flight between St. Martin and St. Barth was short but very interesting. The pilots are specially trained and licensed for this journey. St. Bart is both tiny and mountainous. Shortly before reaching the island, the pilot must stop the engine, glide over the top of the mountain, then aim down for the runway. On the ground, he must stop before reaching the watery end of the very short runway.

It's not an optical illusion. This is the runway at the St. Barth airport. It stops at the beach.

Airfield security consists of a sign reminding people not to walk on the grass. In times past, cattle grazed here, but the constant buzzing proved too stressful for them.

The staff at Le Guanahani like to remind guests that this is one of the Leading Hotels of the World. It is certainly one of the leading hotels in our life!

Situated on hilly landscaping above a pleasant beach in the area known as Grand Cul de Sac, the resort has beautiful views all around.

The beach is sunny and breezy. Here I am, lounging in the morning. The beach restaurant (where we enjoyed many breakfasts and lunches) is in the background.

The small bay is shallow and calm, excellent for swimming in the warm water. It is also used by windsurfers who zip by on the strong breezes.

For those who prefer to a smaller place to swim, the hotel pool is conveniently located between the beach and the restaurant.

The beach wasn't at all crowded while we were there.

The reception area is one of the many picturesque buildings.

Of course, we met some cats! A family of black-and-white felines haunts Bartolomeo, tbe hotel's nighttime restaurant. They are very successful at begging for delicious treats. Only the best French cuisine for these chats!

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