We started travel blogging 20 years ago. More recently, we have written about our adventures at "Let's Go Somewhere Else", where we tell the story of how we sold everything and hit the road.

As of this writing (April 2020), travel is not an option. We've been doing a little "virtual tourism" by reviewing our old travel diaries and photos. Here, we are re-publishing the original blog, and uploading photos from pre-blog trips. Until 2006, we still used a film camera for most of our photos; pictures had to be scanned before they could be uploaded. We also had a digital camera; at the time, it was one of the best available, but it would barely qualify as a toy by today's standards. High speed Internet access had not yet come to our neighborhood, and many of our friends still had dial-up accounts. To avoid excruciatingly slow load times, we used small pictures with lower definition than we do now.


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