American Southwest 2007 - Bryce Canyon

Tuesday, June 12

Early in the morning we headed for Bryce Canyon National Park. We followed the recommended plan, stopping at all the view points in the park, which took about four hours.

Geology, weathering and erosion have sculpted huge, fascinating shapes in these natural amphitheaters.

These unusual pillars are called "hoodoos". According to the Auto Club book, the Indians had a name
for this area that meant "red rocks standing like men in a bowl-shaped canyon". That's a good description.

Everywhere we looked in Bryce, there was something spectacular to see. We took lots of photos.

We saw many mule deer in Bryce.

The most common cause of death in Bryce Canyon is heart attack.
(Falling off a cliff is second.) Here, rescuers carry out a man who
collapsed on the trail, probably from heat exhaustion. The last time
we saw him, he was sitting up and chatting with the paramedics.

Early settler Ebenezer Bryce said this would be "a hell of a place to lose a cow".

Rosemary poses with the scenery.
It looks as though Bryce had some snowfall, but this is just
the color of the mineral deposits at the top of these formations.

This sign explains that we are not on solid ground.


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