Verona 2008

Verona was a day trip from Venice

Still standing
The 2000-year-old Roman arena is still used for performances.

Still hanging
According to legend, when a "just" person passes under this archway, the whalebone will fall.
For hundreds of years, popes, politicians, pilgrims and tourists have strolled through without incident.

A long way down
The winding staircase inside the Lamberti tower.

Two gentlemen of Verona
Around Verona's piazzas are many historic buildings that still
include architectural details and decorations from an earlier time.

In need of a bolt cutter
Outside the grafitti-encrusted gate to Juliet's house,
romantics leave padlocks to symbolize their enduring love.

Oh, Romeo...
Rosemary poses on Juliet's balcony.


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